Remote Network Group > Instructions
Backup Cow users can connect together by joining a same remote network group.
Here are the steps to use this feature:
1. Click here to create a network group account. (If you already have a group account, please disregard this step.)
2. Input the group name and password, then click OK. (Remote Network - Join a Group )
3. Thereafter, you just need to select the group name showing under "Remote Network" to join the group, no need to input the group name and password again.
* You can also make the remote connection settings in "Settings-- Remote Network"
* If you forget your account password, you can click here to reset the password.
* You can set up more than one remote network group, and choose any network group to join.
* Backcow Server will act as a IP/Port parser so that Backup Cow users in the same group can connect together automatically.