How to Backup Files to Network Shared Folder, Network Drive, and NAS ?

If you want to backup files to network drive, shared folder or NAS(network attached storage), it is recommended to use Backup Cow P2P, which is the best program to backup files to another computer's shared folders or network drives. With this handy backup software tool, you may simply use several steps to implement file backup from your Windows computer to another network drive and shared folder.


Step 1: Click the button below to get free download of Backup Cow P2P.


Download Backup Cow


After installing the setup application in the download package, you will get an absolutely free version.


Step 2: Run Backup Cow P2P on your computer.


If you need backup files from your computer to network shared folders or network drives, you just need run this P2P backup software on your computer only.


Network Backup Software


You don't need run the backup program on another computer that physically has the network drives or shared folders which are your backup destinations.


Step 3: Click "New Backup Job" button to start your file backup process.


Network Backup Software



Step 4: Select files or folders you wish to back up.


Network Backup Software


You may expand the directory tree to select a sub-folder or some specific files as backup source files that are needed to be backed up to network drive, network shared folders or NAS.


Step 5: Select network drive or shared folder as your backup destination.


Click "Next", and you will go to "Backup to" tab; then click "Add Backup Destination", and you may find network folders or network drives that are shared from other network computer users. Also, you may find NAS device if it is shared on the network. You can select one as your backup destination.

Network Backup Software


You may click "OK" to start your backup process, which will complete backing up files from your computer to a network drive or shared folder. Also, you may click "Add Backup Destination" again if you want to backup data to multiple network drives or shared folders. It is so easy to perform automated backup to network drive or shared folder on network.


Certainly, you may click "Next" instead of "OK" button to make backup software settings, including backup scheduler setting, backup encryption, backup filter setup, as well as backup versioning option.


Download Backup Cow


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Backup Scheduler


You can setup a backup schedule to choose when and how frequently you backup files to network drive or shared folder.

Network Backup Software


Here are the backup schedule options:

  • Backup Manually (Manually initiate a backup job, no auto backup scheduler)
  • Backup Every few minutes
  • Backup Every few hours
  • Backup Once a day
  • Backup Once a week
  • Backup Once a month


The check box of "Backup Now (Immediately) is to let users to backup to network share folder (or network drive) immediately or later. Sometimes, when backing up to network drive or folder, the data transfer will consume network traffic and the hard disk and memory resources on another computer where the network drive or shared folder is located. So, this backup schedule setting is useful to reduce impact on other computer users when you backup data to network drives or network folders.


On "Advanced" tab , you can continue to set the following backup options:


Backup Encryption


Click the radio box of "Encrypt backup files" to enable the backup file encryption. You may set backup password so that you can encrypt your data when you backup files to network drive or shared network folders.


Network Backup Software


In order to back up data to a network drive or shared folder safely, you must protect your data privacy. This file encryption feature will take good care of your data security especially you need put your data on another PC's hard drives and folders.


Backup Filtering


You may filter the backup source files you select before this network drive backup software back up them to the backup destination. The backup filter options include file type, file size and so on.


Network Backup Software


So, if you want to back up files to network share, Please download Backup Cow P2P to fulfill your backup needs.


Backup Version Setup


Backup versioning feature allows users to keep several backup versions. Even if backup source files are modified or deleted mistakenly, the previous versions will be available on your target network drives or shared folders.

Click the radio button "Save Deleted Files" to select the version quantity you wish to keep. And the default option is "Keep deleted/replaced files with 5 versions only."


Network Backup Software


After Backup Cow P2P backup files to network drive or shared folders, the backup software will monitor all the source files to see if there is any file change. Once there is an update on the source location, the backup tool will sync files between the source computer and the backup target, the network drive or shared folder your backup copies are located. The network file synchronization feature can make sure the backup copy files are updated. The backup versioning feature can ensure previous backup files can be restored if the file updates are incorrect.


The above instructions are about how to back up your Windows computer to network hard drive, a network mapped drive, a network shared folder, or network attached storage (NAS). You will agree that the process of backup to a network share is almost the same as the method of backup to a local drive or external hard drive.

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FAQs on This Topic


  • Do I need to run Backup Cow P2P on another computer, if I just want to backup to network share folders, network drives that are actually located on another network computers?


If you need to backup to network share (shared folders or network mapped drives), then you don't need to run Backup Cow on another PC even though those network shared folders and network drives are physically on other computers. As long as you can see the backup network shared folders or network drives in your computer's Windows Explorer. (In the network area of Windows Explorer, such as My Network Place or Network Neighborhood)

  • Can I backup a file from a network shared folder to my computer?


Yes. What you need to do is: "Drag and Drop" the file. Open your Windows Explorer, find the shared directory location, drag the file and drop it into "My Computer" in Backup Cow P2P main window; then you can start backup from network shared folder to "My Computer".

  • Can I backup data from network drive to my computer? I need a network drive backup software.

Yes, Backup Cow P2P can be your network drive backup program. The method is the same as the above FAQ: in Windows Explorer, find the network location where you mount a network share as a Windows mapped drive in Windows Explorer, drag the files or folders you wish to back up from the network drive, and drop them into "My Computer" in Backup Cow P2P main window; then you can start backup from network drive to "My Computer". It is pretty easy to backup network drive with Backup Cow P2P.


  • I try your method of backing up a Windows network drive to my computer, but no luck. Why ?

Probably you are operating files and folders in a network mapped drive that you don't have permission to read and write in Windows Explorer. There are two methods to solve the problem. One is to let you have data readable and writable permissions on the networked mapped drive. The other way is to install Backup Cow P2P on the computer where the network drive is physically located. For more information, please read how to backup files from one computer to another.


  • Is Backup Cow P2P an automatic backup software for Windows? All desktop and laptop computers in our office network are Win platforms, such as Win 7, Win 8, Win XP, etc. We need backup network share on Win computers.


Yes, Backup Cow P2P is Win backup software. It can work on all desktops or laptops where Win OS is running. The OS platforms of Windows computers can be Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Win 2003, Win 2008, etc.


  • Can I backup files to NAS (Network Attached Storage) from my computer?

Yes, Backup Cow P2P can backup to NAS if it is a network shared device and you can see it in your Windows Explorer. If the network storage is attached to another computer and it is not shared with your computer, then you need also run Backup Cow P2P on that computer.


  • Can I backup files from NAS to my computer ?

Yes, in Windows Explorer, find the network storage device (NAS drive), drag the files or folders inside the NAS you want to backup, and drop them into "My Computer" in Backup Cow P2P main window; then you can start backup from NAS to "My Computer".

  • I heard Backup Cow P2P an absolutely free backup program. Is there any limitation? I want to backup my data from my computer to a network drive.

Backup Cow has a permanent free edition that allows users to backup files to network share or another computer up to 1GB. The free backup software version also lets you have free evaluation of all the features for network drive backup, local network backup, and remote network backup.


  • How can I select multiple backup destinations in a backup job? It seems "Drag and Drop" operation only allows me to point to one target, such as "My Computer".

You can click Add Backup Destination" in the "Backup to" tab. process is to click "New Backup Job" button under the Backup tab in the main program window.

  • Can I restore backup files from a network drive to another because my computer has a malfunction and I need retrieve the backed up files immediately to another PC?

Yes. You may restore backup data to network drive or another computer even that computer is not the owner computer of the source backup files.



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No matter you need do backup from network shares or back up files from your computer to a mapped network share, you don't need to find other expensive Windows backup software products, you must find an affordable network drive backup utility, which you just need to run on your own computer only.


Backup Cow is the best network drive backup software to let you backup files between your computer and network shared folders or network drives, or NAS. As long as you have the permission (write and read) to access those network shared devices, you can backup you can backup or restore files on the network storage devices. Backup Cow P2P is affordable network share backup software you can trust.


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