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Why Use Local Network Backup Software to Perform P2P Backup ?Share:

If you want to backup files from one pc to another on office LAN or home network,  P2P computer backup software is one of the best local backup solutions. Why? Here are the a few reasons that will let you go ahead to download a handy LAN backup software for the data backup at your office and home:
  1. The first point is "Simple and Easy". Usually P2P backup software is very easy to use. You neither need make complicated settings on network computers, nor manually plug and unplug your storage devices. For example, you may just need 3 simple steps to implement computer to computer backup on network by using Backup Cow P2P. For detailed instructions, please click and read the webpage of Backup to Another Computer .
  2. Automatic backup process is another important factor for users to choose a pc backup software as their local backup solution. Many local network backup programs let users to set up backup schedule in order to back up data at designated time or automatically make it every backup cycle period.
  3. There is no storage limit on the data size. Probably, some users get used to some public cloud storage services like Dropbox. Yes, you may use dropbox to backup your files from one computer, then restore files to another computer on the same local network( LAN). But there is only 2GB storage for free backup users. And in addition, your local networked computers have to connect to external network via Internet. And local backup program can allow you perform peer to peer backup over your local area network, and there is no backup size limit at all. You don't need to pay monthly subscription fee for backing up 1TB data.
  4. As mentioned in the above third point, obviously, local backup security is much more reliable and safer than any online cloud backup solutions even though they can implement pc to pc backup.
So, local backup application is your best option to backup files from one computer to another on LAN.

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