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Today, we recommend Backup Cow P2P for computer users on office network. The product website of this automatic backup software is:

There are many routine tasks everyday at office. One of the most important jobs is data backup. However, the backup needs at work will be very diverse. 
First, data backup targets will be different at office. For example:
  • Backup to another computer or server
  • Backup to network shared folders or network drive
  • Backup to NAS (network attached storage)
  • Backup to external hard drive or USB drive
  • Backup to local hard drive, such as another hard disk or folder
  • Backup to external network connected via Internet/Intranet
Second, office backup has specific requirements because it is a business application instead of an individual or home application. These requirements usually include:
  • Backup reliability should be high standard.
  • Data security is critical issue.
  • Backup size is usually huge. (Up to terabytes)
  • Backup jobs should be done on schedule automatically
  • All backup copies should be updated. (At least one-way file synchronization)
  • Retain multiple backup versions in case the the source files are changed incorrectly.
Third, backing up and restoring files should be very convenient for all computers on office network. Please imagine how staff members can easily store and access data on their office LAN computers. Probably backup to network storage would be a good solution for convenience purpose. For instance, when your computer crashed and have to use a new computer. If your backed up files are stored on your colleague’s PC, you need to restore backup files from one computer to another (the new PC you are using). On the other hand, a company document will be shared across network computers.

Currently, there are three frequently-used backup methods for office personnel:
* Manually backup data to external hard drive, USB, network storage or another pc or server.
But this traditional backup approach is not welcome because it automatic backup method. And you are unable to ensure the backups are the same as the source data. For example, unlike automatic backup software for external hard drive, when the source files are changed, you have to manually connect your external hard disk and make a second copy again. So, backup jobs will become very tedious and not reliable.

* Backup data to Dropbox or dropbox-like cloud storage, such as, Mozy, Google Drive, etc.
But these online backup solutions have fatal shortcomings for business backup scenarios. Data security is the most critical issue because all of your data are stored on external cloud instead of your office LAN or internal network storage. Another key issue will be the fact that you are unable to back up tons of GBs of files to a remote location everyday since backup speed, bandwidth usage,and storage size expense will become hurdles for cloud backup solutions to implement large file transfer and backup for a company, 

* Use auto backup software to backup files to external hard drive, network share or a mapped network drive, network attached storage, and other backup destinations. 
Backup Cow P2P is the most reliable backup software for network and local drives. It meets all the above said backup requirements in office or a business entity. Please read more about the P2P automatic backup program from:

No matter you need perform simple backup to another computer, or remote backup over network, free trial of all backup features is available to all users. Please download Backup Cow P2P to evaluate this free auto backup software.

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