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What do "Upload" and "Download" mean in Backup Cow Share:

"Upload" means the computer sends files to the cloud (other cloud computers), especially sending  or transferring,large size files and folders. "Download" means the computer gets files from the cloud (other cloud computers). They are always a couple of concepts to describe data transfer direction. If a file is transfered from Computer A to Computer B, including the following situations:

1. Computer A is backing up a file (or sychronizing the file) onto Computer B

2. Computer B is restoring a file from Computer A, or getting a file from A by clicking "Save as" in B's "File Search" section.

In either one situation above, A is in "Upload" status, B is in "Download" status.

So, if one computer is in "Upload" status, its counterpart computer will be in "Download". Vise versa. And each computer can be in both "Upload" and "Download" status at the same time.

For more details, please view the Online Manual on our site

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