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For many individuals, backup at home is very important to protect your precious photos, images or pictures, and useful documents, music, songs, mp3, video clips, etc. And most of those files and documents are private and you don't want to back up the private data and files outside with online cloud backup solutions that require you pay monthly fee. You will have some questions like these: How to backup my computer? How to backup my private data and files safely? How to back up my private photos ? How to sync files between computers ? How to build my own private cloud storage with my networked computers in my house ? When I work at home, can I back up my files to my company's cloud storage server and also sync the files between my home pc and the private cloud in the office ?

All the answer is Yes!! Try Backup Cow, the private cloud sync software. If you have more than one computer at home including your laptop. You can build a private home cloud storage for file backup and synchronise files betwee computers with this file syncing software. In addition, you can install Backup Cow in your home pc to connect your company's computers in which Backup Cow software is also running, so that you can back up and sync files between your home computer and the corporate private cloud servers.

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