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How to Build Private Cloud Storage

How to build my private cloud storage and backup my computer files to the cloud? With Backup Cow today, you can make private backups and sync files to a private cloud.You just need to run Backup Cow application on each netwotked computer that will be a cloud node or cloud user. Any network users can choose to be a cloud storage contributor or a storage consumer or both.

Compose Cloud Storage

If your computer is ready to be a cloud storage node (cloud storage contributor), you must share part of your hard disk space, and you must check the box of Share My Disk Space in the software settings, and specify the share space size you are willing to contribute towards the cloud. (See also "Share My Disk Space" in this manual.)

All the share space contributed by these cloud nodes in the network will compose the cloud storage space. Other cloud users can back up files onto the cloud.

Cloud Users

If you are not willing to share your hard disk and just want to be a pure cloud user (to be a cloud storage consumer only), you must uncheck the box of Share My Disk Space.

A cloud storage contributor is also allowed to be a cloud user, who can back up his/her files onto the cloud. (To ensure the backup reliability, his/her backups will be stored on other cloud nodes instead of his/her own computer)

Dynamic Server

Backup Cow will automatically select a computer as the cloud server (Master Node). If the server machine is down (offline), the system will assign another computer to be the server.

Cloud Security and Identification

You can set a security ID number for computers to build a cloud. Other users without the same ID cannot connect/join the same cloud.

You can also set up several independent clouds in the same network by using differnet ID numbers.

(See Also Cloud Security )


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