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How to Restore Backups

Backup Cow is the best remote pc backup software to backup and sync files between computers. It can help you easily and efficiently back up files from pc to pc, from one computer to another.  Besides, Backup Cow can also help you to restore backups. You can restore your backups either on your computer or on other cloud computers. In case of your computer crash, you can use this "Restore" function to restore the backups on any cloud user computers.

How to restore backups?

a. Click on the "Restore" tab, then select a computer to restore. (You may restore backups owned by the listed computers.)

b. Select backup items to restore.

c. Select specific files or folders you wish to restore.


d. Specify your restore path. (You can also change the restore path. Select the file or folder, then click "Change Restore Path" button.)

e. Input password to decrypt if you have encrypted backup items, then complete the restore process.

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