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Backup Cow is Released!Share:

Coding Best Software is pleased to release a new software product, Backup Cow

The software can build internal private cloud storage for all your files - documents, music, photos, video, etc. It helps you backup, synchronize, encrypt and share your files across LAN or Internet/Intranet.

You just need to run Backup Cow application on each netwotked computer that will be a cloud node or cloud user. Any network users can be a cloud storage contributor or consumer or both! Any cloud user can back up their files on to the private cloud.

Backup Cow has strong features as follows:

  • Build a private backup cloud with in-house computers

    Build internal cloud storage by making good use of under-utilized hard disks in your computer network. The network can be Internet, corporate Intranet, office LAN, or home network.

  • Back up and synchronize all your files automatically

    Back up your files and folders onto the cloud computers, and automatically sync files between computers.

  • Reliable and Secure

    If one cloud node has a malfunction, othe nodes can redo its backup tasks automatically. You can encrypt backups, and transfer data with MD5 verification. A cloud can be set with a security ID that can block unknown network users.

  • Eesy access to your backups

    You can download, share, and restore your backups anywhere on the network. You may also reach your files by remote access via Internet/Intranet.

  • Flexible remote network connections

    Cloud users can either connect together by joining a virtual network group, or connect by directly inputting counterpart's ip/domain and tcp port number.

We offer an Evaluation edition that is for 15-day free trial with full Enterprise features! Please go ahead to download the software to have a free trial experience.

Backup Cow product website is:

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