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Backup Utility for Your OfficeShare:

Backup Cow is a very useful backup utility for your workplace to protect your data and reduce your cost spent on the storage for the increasing backup needs. The backup software has two suites: P2P Suite and Private Cloud Suite. Users can use Backup Cow software reliably back up all files and data onto internal computers. Here is the free download website for this backup software tool:

You will find a lot of reasons you will feel the backup utility is a best fit for your office. Here are some points:
Firstly, the handy backup tool can back up files from one computer to another by doing "drag and drop". The p2p backup model allows users to backup data between computers easily. Not only can you backup your files to a share folder in the network drive, but also any folders on any computers, on which you run Backup Cow P2P Suite. Therefore, you will have more copies on different computers in your office.
Secondly, Backup Cow Private Cloud Suite can gather some computer storage to be an internal cloud for backup. That is, you can use a few computers acting as the cloud nodes so that you can backup your files to the internal cloud storage. This model will greatly save additional hardware investment because it utilize some idle storage resources in the office. For example, if you have 100 computers in the company, and ten of them have many hard disk space available. The Backup Cow will utilize these 10 computers to form a cloud storage in the company. They are a group of servers where any users in the office can back up files there.
Third, this easy-to-use backup utility has many advantages for backup tasks in the office. For example, you can encrypt all the files you are planning to store on to other computers, so your data are always private and safe. The backup widget also lets you arragne shedules for backup tasks. The automatic backup program will also sync files from time to time between computers in order to keep the source files and the backups are the same.
Backup Cow is also the best free backup utility because the free version can let you backup files up to 1 GB, and it is a permanent free version. In addition, through the free trial of the Professional backup version, you can evaluate all features of this automatic backup software.
So, if your office or company need do backups every day, don't hesitate to use Backup Cow. Please go ahead to test this great backup utility, free download is available.

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