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If you are operating a tiny company with about ten employees and they work together in a small office with some desktop and laptop computers connected on a local area network(LAN). You may need consider a small office backup software tool, like Backup Cow P2P, which can meet general routine needs at a small business office. These business needs may include:
  • Back up files between computers on office local network.
  • Back up data from network drive to local drive for each PC on the office network.
  • Back up files from one hard drive to another hard drive on a same computer.
  • Back up files to an external hard drive conveniently
  • Sync folders and files between the souce and target computers
  • Setup backup schedule for back up data at regular time intervals, such as once a week, once a month, once a day, or every a few hours or minutes.
  • Restore backup files from one computer to another on office LAN easily
  • Share files between colleagues if necessary in the smaill office.
  • Encrypt important files before users back up or transfer the files.
  • Keep some deleted backup files in case of any misconduction.
All the above backup requirements can be fulfilled if you use the Professional edition of Backup Cow P2P. Please visit the product website:

The office backup program let you efficiently back up data between office computers, network drives, local hard drives, and external hard disks. That is, you can use this simple backup software application to perform backup jobs across most machines on your office LAN. And you don't need do any complicated network configurations to enable the LAN backup. Backup Cow is also a small office backup freeware for the users work at their SOHO (Small Office Home Office). If you don't need backup large files, the free version is good enough for you. Of course, you may upgrade the software to Professional edition that is inexpensive.

If your company is a bigger one with serveral offices on different locations, can you back up files between offices which may need setup remote network connections?  The answer is "Yes" because the Enterprise version of the handy backup program can work well for large enterprises or corporations. Users can backup between offices no matter they are local or remote. Backup Cow P2P also offers remtoe network connection modes to let users perform local and remote backup tasks for their offices.

Obviously,  many big companies have their IT service providers who build specifc IT infrastructures to meet their corporation-wide business needs including data backup. Backup Cow P2P Professional usually is backup software for small offices. Enterprise version of Backup Cow will offer a good option for bigger companies who have more than one office and need do remote backup. At any rate, Backup Cow offers an affordable and reliable backup solution for offices and workplaces, where workstations and laptops are connected by office networks.

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