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If you don't back up your data, you run the risk of losing it. Your files could disappear due to a virus, computer crash, accidental keystroke, theft, or disaster. To make sure you don't lose the files that you create, modify, and store on your computer, you should back them up regularly. You can manually back up your files any time or set up automatic backups.

Do you need to back up files? Are you sick of unreliable ways of backing up or syncing files? Take a moment and try to imagine the time, energy and money you have spent trying to backup and synchronise files. We are sure you agree when we say:
It’s about time for a reliable, user-friendly solution to back up files!

Backup Cow is the best solution for you!

Backup Cow can back up and sync files between computers over local network or Internet/Intranet. It is also a private cloud storage builder to let you build your own cloud backup by utilizing in-house computers. Free Edition Available!

Key Features of Backup Cow:

- Backup and Synchronise files between multiple computers

- Back up and files to the private cloud storage via flexible network connections (LAN, Internet, Intranet)

- Create multiple backup copies for each backup item

- Encrypt files before backing up to the private cloud storage

- Retrieve backups from the private cloud storage anywhere with easy access to backups and the fast file locator

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Using Backup Cow file and data backup software, your computer files are quickly and securely backed up another computer or to multiple PCs no matter they are located in your office LAN , home network or even corporate remote networks.

Download and try Backup Cow for free and see how it works to back up your files. You might be surprised!

Read more detail on what Backup Cow can do for you...


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