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Backup Cow is the Best PC Backup SoftwareShare:

Backup Cow is the best file backup software tool to backup folders and files between computers.
No matter you need backup or sync files between laptops or desktop PCs, Backup Cow the an ideal but simple backup utility for your office or home.  You just need one or several clicks to perform pc backup, which will follow your schedule you set. The backup tool will automatically complete backup tasks on time.

Try download the backup software to get free trial.


Can Backup Cow transfer folders between computers on network?Share:

Question: I need to transfer folders on our network. I have already purchase Backup Cow P2P Enterprise edition. Can I use this software program to transfer files from pc to pc over network ?

Answer: Yes. You can use Backup Cow as a file transfer program to transfer files and folders between computers over network. You just need to add the target path (directory) as a backup destination and start backup. Then you can implement pc to pc file transfer. You may read more instructions on:

In fact,  you may also try Folder Transfer, a sister product of Backup Cow. It is professional file transfer software to let you transfer files from one computer to another. You can send files and folders to multiple computers at a time. In addition, Folder Transfer is also file sharing file, which allow you to share a file or folder, and let other network users to download over the network.

Similar to Backup Cow, this file tranfer program also have several network connection modes, which include: Local Network,  Join a Group, and Connect to a Computer.

This file transfer tool also has free version and paid versions (Professional and Enterprise editions)

For more information about Folder Transfer software, please visit the product website of this great file transfer and sharing program:


Hard Drive Backup Software For WindowsShare:

Backup Cow P2P is the most popular free hard drive backup solution.  With this software, you may take full control of the data safety of your hard drives on any Windows computer. The application creates a backup of your data  is developed by Coding Best Software. The reliable commercial backup and recovery software also has a free version that provide a rich set of backup features in the Enterprise edition, which allows you back up unlimited large data.
Here are some key features of the hard disk backup software:
* Reliable Backup Between Hard Drives
  • Complete Backup - create an exact copy of your PC data and store them on another hard drive.
  • Backup Scheduler - set up a shedule to plan your regular backup. (monthly, daily,hourly, or every a few minutes, etc.)
  • Differential Backup - backup only changed files.

* Easy & Fast Data Recovery
  • Flexible Restore - restore backups to any hard drive no matter it is a local drive or networked computer's hard drive.
  • Recovery based on need - restore specific files or folders with options to use the source directory or not.
  • Secure Data Recovery - passoword is required to restore encrypted data

* Flexible backup and recovery media
  • Backup to another local hard drive:  store the data to another secured hard disk on the same PC.
  • Backup to various external backup media: external hard drives, USB, network attached storage (NAS) on the network.
  • Backup to another computer's hard drive: network mapping drives, network shared folders, or any location of a networked computer.
For more information about this Windows hard drve backup program, please visit:


Windows LAN Backup Software FAQShare:

FAQ About Windows LAN Backup Solution Implementation by Backup Cow:
  • I have two Windows computers,  PC X and PC Y. Both systems are on a LAN. There are some files and  folders on PC X, which are very important, so I need continuously back up those data onto client Y. I have installed Backup Cow P2P Professional on client X, and also want an automatic synchronization of client X with client Y. Please advise the steps to achieve this. (BTW, can I use FTP to do this.
You can back up to another computer (PC Y) via LAN even you have not installed the backup software application on Computer Y. The condition to achieve this is that the backup destination on Computer Y is a network share that is accessible for you. That is, you must have permissions to write data to the target director on the network share attached to the Computer Y. Here are what you need to do in the Windows backup software program:
  1. Create a "New Backup Job" 
  2. Add a backup destination  (select a network folder or network drive on Computer Y)
  3. Click "Ok" to start the lan backup between two computers.
The lan backup program will also sync files on Computer X with the backup copies on Computer Y. You may preset or change the synchronization time interval in the backup schedule. So you can make sure your backups are updated by syncing data between two computers on LAN.

If the destination directory on Computer Y is not a network share, then you need run Backup Cow P2P on PC Y, too. And then you will see the Computer Y show up on the backup destination list.
Please note that you may add any folder as the destination directory on Computer Y. Here is the method:
Go to "Settings" in Backup Cow P2P on Computer Y, then click "Share" tab, and you will add the folder you wish to be a destination storage folder.

FTP is not a good method for backup over LAN, and you need to manipulate FTP server and  something else that is very complicated.

Backup Cow P2P can fit your backup needs on the local area network, and the free version is absolutely free for Windows file backup up to 1GB. And of course, you may upgrade to a paid edition to back up large files and folders over LAN. For more information, please visit the following webpage:


Small Office Backup SoftwareShare:

If you are operating a tiny company with about ten employees and they work together in a small office with some desktop and laptop computers connected on a local area network(LAN). You may need consider a small office backup software tool, like Backup Cow P2P, which can meet general routine needs at a small business office. These business needs may include:
  • Back up files between computers on office local network.
  • Back up data from network drive to local drive for each PC on the office network.
  • Back up files from one hard drive to another hard drive on a same computer.
  • Back up files to an external hard drive conveniently
  • Sync folders and files between the souce and target computers
  • Setup backup schedule for back up data at regular time intervals, such as once a week, once a month, once a day, or every a few hours or minutes.
  • Restore backup files from one computer to another on office LAN easily
  • Share files between colleagues if necessary in the smaill office.
  • Encrypt important files before users back up or transfer the files.
  • Keep some deleted backup files in case of any misconduction.
All the above backup requirements can be fulfilled if you use the Professional edition of Backup Cow P2P. Please visit the product website:

The office backup program let you efficiently back up data between office computers, network drives, local hard drives, and external hard disks. That is, you can use this simple backup software application to perform backup jobs across most machines on your office LAN. And you don't need do any complicated network configurations to enable the LAN backup. Backup Cow is also a small office backup freeware for the users work at their SOHO (Small Office Home Office). If you don't need backup large files, the free version is good enough for you. Of course, you may upgrade the software to Professional edition that is inexpensive.

If your company is a bigger one with serveral offices on different locations, can you back up files between offices which may need setup remote network connections?  The answer is "Yes" because the Enterprise version of the handy backup program can work well for large enterprises or corporations. Users can backup between offices no matter they are local or remote. Backup Cow P2P also offers remtoe network connection modes to let users perform local and remote backup tasks for their offices.

Obviously,  many big companies have their IT service providers who build specifc IT infrastructures to meet their corporation-wide business needs including data backup. Backup Cow P2P Professional usually is backup software for small offices. Enterprise version of Backup Cow will offer a good option for bigger companies who have more than one office and need do remote backup. At any rate, Backup Cow offers an affordable and reliable backup solution for offices and workplaces, where workstations and laptops are connected by office networks.


Is Backup Cow P2P a Network Backup Software Program?Share:

P2P backup usually means peer to peer backup, and sometimes it will be called point to point backup. Backup Cow P2P is a kind of this software to backup data between computers, network drives, network shared folders, external hard drives and so on. Here is the detailed introduction webpage:

Some new users think Backup Cow P2P is just a software tool to do backup on one computer, and at most, backup to another computer's shared folders. So when they try Backup Cow P2P, they just install and run the program on one computer. It is fine that they just run Backup Cow on one computer system if they want to back up data to another pc and the backup destination folder is shared by that pc user. They actually don't know Backup Cow P2P is also network backup software program.  That is, even the other network computer users don't share their folders, you still can back up files to another computer. Certainly, you must run Backup Cow P2P on another network computer. 

In the same local network, Backup Cow will let computers connect together automatically. Every user can see other networked computers in the main Backup tab of the program. You can backup computer files to another network PC easily by dragging files into the target computer. Backup Cow P2P is a simple local network backup software to let you backup files to another network computer even though you don't have permissions to read and write data for any folder on that network computer. 

Backup  Cow P2P can also be your remote network backup software. You may backup data to another remote computer over the Internet. There are two network connection modes that you can perform remote backup: "Join a Group" or "Connect to a Computer". You can backup files to other remote locations over the Internet by using Backup Cow P2P, which is an easy to use remote backup software product.

In fact, you can not only implement point to point backup, but also do backups among multiple computers. You may backup data to more than one computer or location at a time. So Backup Cow P2P is a very flexible network backup program. And its free version also offers free trial of all features in the Professional and Enterprise editions, which can evaulate how the software works for both local network and remote backup backup tasks.


How to Setup and Use Backup Cow SyncShare:

Here are some instructions on how to setup and use Backup Cow Sync Software.
For more information, please view:

===== Backup Cow Sync Setup Method ======

The software package has two parts: one is for server; the other is for client computers.

1. Run BackupCowSyncServer_Setup.exe to install Backup Cow Sync Server program on server;
   then run the Server program. A Server ID of the server will be generated.

2. Run BackupCowSyncClient_Setup.exe to install Backup Cow Sync Client on client computers.
   then run the Client program.

3. On client program, sign up an account and log into the server with Server ID/IP, user name and password.

That's it!

===== How to Use Backup Cow Sync =====
Backup Cow Sync, similar to Dropbox, can back up and sync files between computers through a self-hosted server.

Client users can drop files into "Backup Cow Folder" to perform backup and sycn process after logging into the server from the client program.

* Open "Backup Cow Folder"
Right click the tray icon of Backup Cow Sync, then click "Backup Cow Folder"
You may create new files in this folder, or drop files inside.

* Drop Files into "Backup Cow Folder"
Two methods:
1. Right click a file or folder, then click "Drop to Backup Cow Folder".

2. Open the folder with files you need backup, drag the files and drop into "Backup Cow Folder".
(If you need copy, not move those files, you need also hold "Ctrl" when dragging the files) 

===== How to Sync Files =====

* Back up and sync to server
  All the files in "Backup Cow Folder" will be backed up to server;
  Once there are new file updates in the folder, they will be synced back to server

* Sync Files between Computers on Different Locations
  A client user can log into server from any client computer to access files of the client user's account.
  When a client user makes changes on those files, all the updates will be synced back to server.
  Therefore, you can access and work on your files on different computers anywhere, and always get consistent files.


Backup Network Shared Files on WindowsShare:

How to backup network shared files to your Windows computer automatically? If you manually copy files from network shared folders to your own local drives, it will not be able to always get the updated files and all the procedure is quite a bit troublesome. Why not use a prpfessional network share backup software to do it for you? You may try Backup Cow P2P software. Here is the webpage to tell you how to backup network drive/network shared folders to your local drive.

Even though  the webpage title is "Best Software to Backup Network Drive to Local Drive", actually the method described can be also applied to any case of backing up network shared folders/files to local drives on Windows computers.
In summary, here are the steps to backup network shares:
  1. Open Windows Explorer, and go to the network place where your network shared files are located.
  2. Drag the files or folders you wish to back up.
  3. Drop to "My Computer" in the main program window of Backup Cow P2P
  4. Click "OK" to start network share backup
Certainly, you may click "Add Backup Destination" in the "Backup to" tab in order to change your backup target directory.
Also, the backup schedule feature allows users to set up automatic schedule or file synchronization interval to make sure the all the updated files in the network shared folders will be backed up again to your local computer.
The software can work with most Windows platforms. So there is no problem for you to backup network shared files to Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP or other Windows PC machines.
As long as your Windows computer has permission to read and write data in the network mapped drives or shared folders, then you can use Backup Cow P2P to perform data backup between network shared and local drives on your own computer. 


Network Drive Backup SoftwareShare:

Backup Cow P2P is the best network backup software for Windows.  You can use this handy backup utility to perform automated backup to network drive, network shared folders and other network storage such as NAS. On the other hand, the simple backup program also lets you backup network drive to any computer on network. You may have a look at the following webpage to see how to backup to network drive with Backup Cow software.

In the above web page, you may see how the network backup drive software lets you use several simple steps to backup data from your computer to network drives, shared folders or network attached storage. Here the summary steps:
  • Download the network drive backup software (It is a free download)
  • Run the network drive backup program on your own computer
  • Create a new backup job
  • Select source files you wish to backup to network drive
  • Add backup destination - select network drive (mapped network drive) or network shared folders as your backup target
  • Click "OK" to start automatic backup to mapped network drive
The process is almost the same as local drive backup or computer to computer backup. That is, select the source files or folders and select backup destinations; if necessary, you may also setup backup schedule, backup filter, backup encryption password, as well as backup version quantity. (backup history verisons)

In the FAQ section of the instructions page,  you may also find how to backup network drive to local drive by simply using "Drag and Drop" method:
  1. Open Windows Explorer, go to the network drive, drag the files or folders  you need back up to local hard drive
  2. Drop the files or folders into "My Computer" in Backup Cow P2P program main window
  3. Start backup from network drive to "My Computer" automatically
Definitely, you may select more than one local hard drive or folder as your backup destination by clicking "Add Backup Destination" during the backup process. Also, the program is not only a network hard drive backup software, you can use it for backups on network mapped drive, shared folder, local hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, as well as any network computers.

The network drive backup software can work with all Windows platforms, such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, etc. No matter you want to back up files from your Windows computer to a network hard drive, network mapped drive, network shared folder, NAS (network attached storage), or vice versa.  this network drive backup tool can meet your needs perfectly.

The software vendor also offers a free version for this network drive backup application, which allows users to back up data upto 1GB. And the free trial version lets you to evaluate all the features of the backup software. You can upgrade your version to get a commercial license software by paying a flat price.  So you can say Backup Cow P2P is a network drive backup freeware or shareware.


Auto Backup Software for Office NetworkShare:

Today, we recommend Backup Cow P2P for computer users on office network. The product website of this automatic backup software is:

There are many routine tasks everyday at office. One of the most important jobs is data backup. However, the backup needs at work will be very diverse. 
First, data backup targets will be different at office. For example:
  • Backup to another computer or server
  • Backup to network shared folders or network drive
  • Backup to NAS (network attached storage)
  • Backup to external hard drive or USB drive
  • Backup to local hard drive, such as another hard disk or folder
  • Backup to external network connected via Internet/Intranet
Second, office backup has specific requirements because it is a business application instead of an individual or home application. These requirements usually include:
  • Backup reliability should be high standard.
  • Data security is critical issue.
  • Backup size is usually huge. (Up to terabytes)
  • Backup jobs should be done on schedule automatically
  • All backup copies should be updated. (At least one-way file synchronization)
  • Retain multiple backup versions in case the the source files are changed incorrectly.
Third, backing up and restoring files should be very convenient for all computers on office network. Please imagine how staff members can easily store and access data on their office LAN computers. Probably backup to network storage would be a good solution for convenience purpose. For instance, when your computer crashed and have to use a new computer. If your backed up files are stored on your colleague’s PC, you need to restore backup files from one computer to another (the new PC you are using). On the other hand, a company document will be shared across network computers.

Currently, there are three frequently-used backup methods for office personnel:
* Manually backup data to external hard drive, USB, network storage or another pc or server.
But this traditional backup approach is not welcome because it automatic backup method. And you are unable to ensure the backups are the same as the source data. For example, unlike automatic backup software for external hard drive, when the source files are changed, you have to manually connect your external hard disk and make a second copy again. So, backup jobs will become very tedious and not reliable.

* Backup data to Dropbox or dropbox-like cloud storage, such as, Mozy, Google Drive, etc.
But these online backup solutions have fatal shortcomings for business backup scenarios. Data security is the most critical issue because all of your data are stored on external cloud instead of your office LAN or internal network storage. Another key issue will be the fact that you are unable to back up tons of GBs of files to a remote location everyday since backup speed, bandwidth usage,and storage size expense will become hurdles for cloud backup solutions to implement large file transfer and backup for a company, 

* Use auto backup software to backup files to external hard drive, network share or a mapped network drive, network attached storage, and other backup destinations. 
Backup Cow P2P is the most reliable backup software for network and local drives. It meets all the above said backup requirements in office or a business entity. Please read more about the P2P automatic backup program from:

No matter you need perform simple backup to another computer, or remote backup over network, free trial of all backup features is available to all users. Please download Backup Cow P2P to evaluate this free auto backup software.


Why Use Local Network Backup Software to Perform P2P Backup ?Share:

If you want to backup files from one pc to another on office LAN or home network,  P2P computer backup software is one of the best local backup solutions. Why? Here are the a few reasons that will let you go ahead to download a handy LAN backup software for the data backup at your office and home:
  1. The first point is "Simple and Easy". Usually P2P backup software is very easy to use. You neither need make complicated settings on network computers, nor manually plug and unplug your storage devices. For example, you may just need 3 simple steps to implement computer to computer backup on network by using Backup Cow P2P. For detailed instructions, please click and read the webpage of Backup to Another Computer .
  2. Automatic backup process is another important factor for users to choose a pc backup software as their local backup solution. Many local network backup programs let users to set up backup schedule in order to back up data at designated time or automatically make it every backup cycle period.
  3. There is no storage limit on the data size. Probably, some users get used to some public cloud storage services like Dropbox. Yes, you may use dropbox to backup your files from one computer, then restore files to another computer on the same local network( LAN). But there is only 2GB storage for free backup users. And in addition, your local networked computers have to connect to external network via Internet. And local backup program can allow you perform peer to peer backup over your local area network, and there is no backup size limit at all. You don't need to pay monthly subscription fee for backing up 1TB data.
  4. As mentioned in the above third point, obviously, local backup security is much more reliable and safer than any online cloud backup solutions even though they can implement pc to pc backup.
So, local backup application is your best option to backup files from one computer to another on LAN.


Backup Cow Sync is released !Share:

CodingBest Software has released a new sync backup software product - Backup Cow Sync. The new software can be a Dropbox alternative while you host the backup server inside your organization. It means all your data will be stored on in-house storage and you don't need to put your important data somewhere outside. Definitely, you don't need to pay monthly or yearly subscription anymore and you may backup data up to terabytes as long as your server has adequate storage for your own backup needs. Please read more information from:

Similar to Dropbox, Backup Cow Sync can keep files in sync between computers via a self-hosted server. Users can get consistent file contents through two-way synchroniztion method. You can access your files anywhere after you create an account on the server. It will make things efficient and let you work conveniently on your files and folders.

Backup Cow Sync is very easy to use. The operation methods are also similar to Dropbox. You just need to run Backup Cow Sync Client program, and log into your account that you can sign up on a Windows server.  When you need backup and manipulate some files or folders, you may right click the selected files or folders in Windows Explorer, then click "Drop to Backup Cow Folder", then all these files and folders will be backed up to the server.  If you access your account on another computer on a different location, the client program will retrieve all the files in your account. After you save the files you modify, the system will synced back the updated files to the server. So all the sync process is similar to Dropbox; certainly, you must install Backup Cow Sync Server program on the server where you will store data. This is the only extra work, when comparing Dropbox usage that doesn't require users to take care of the server issue. The installation of Backup Cow Sync Server is very simple and easy. There is no any complicated setting needed to set up the backup server.

Backup Cow Sync also offers free edition which allows users to backup data up to 1GB on each user account. You can upgrade the version to a paid edition to lift the limitation at a reasonable price. The two-way sync backup software is a great program to let you back up and sync files between computers, and also a good supplement to other Backup Cow products that are one-way synchronization. 

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