Free Network Backup Software

Backup Cow is the best free network backup software program that can backup and sync files over network. The application offers you the best way to backup files and folders to a network drive or any other computers across networks, no matter your network mode is home network, office LAN, corporate intranet or Internet. The software can also easily build your own network storage by utilizing internal computers. Backup Cow is the best network backup software for business and individual.

Backup to Another Computer Local Network Backup Remote Network Backup

Backup to Another Computer

Backup to another network PC or its network drive (shared network folders)

Backup Between Computers

Backup between computers in LAN or WLAN (wireless netwok), P2P backup

Remote Backup

Remote backup via Internet or Intranet, remote peer-to-peer backup

Backup to Local or Network Drives Backup Multiple Network Computers Hybrid Network Backup Solution

Local Backup

Backup to a network drive or local folder, USB, external hard drives. Drag and Drop, Done !

Multiple Computer Backup

Backup network computers. Backup between LAN computers.

Internal Cloud Backup

Build network storage by utilizing in-house networked computers to implement internal private cloud backup.

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Backup Cow is a network backup software tool that has a freeware version and it can meet all your backup needs, no matter your backup destinations are remote or local.


Here are some key software features of Backup Cow:

  • Backup files to another networked computer on your local network (LAN). WLAN or remote network.
  • Remotely backup files between computers via Internet or Intranet.
  • Sync files between network computers automatically to make sure your backups are updated.
  • Backup data to network drives or network shared folders.
  • Build your own network storage. (Make good use of inhouse computers that are connected over LAN or remote network.)
  • Back up files to the internal private cloud via flexible network connections (LAN, WLAN, Internet, Intranet, VPN)
  • Create multiple backup copies for each backup item across hybrid networks.
  • Encrypt files before backing up to the network computers or the internal cloud.
  • Retrieve backups anywhere with easy access to backups and the fast file locator.

Here is the main window screenshot of Backup Cow:

Network Backup Software

Please download this automatic network backup software from our website to get permanent free edition!

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Local Network Backup Software

How to backup files to another computer on network? It is a frequently asked question in an office. Backup Cow is an ideal backup tool to backup your important data in LAN (Local Area Network). You just need to run the software on each LAN computer, you may select files to backup to a network computer easily. This lan computer backup software allows you to do a handy backup without doing any configurations in LAN connections. All the lan PCs can connect together automatically, and you may back up files to any pc via the ethernet connection quickly. If you have many data that need to store but alson want to restore them in your office efficiently, you may backup to another computer using LAN. Backup Cow is such a simple backup software for local network, and it has a free version that allows you to backup files up to 1GB. The software offers the best way to sync and backup between LAN computers. If your computers are connected via wireless network instead of ethernet cable, the Backup Cow software can also work in WLAN (Wireless LAN). The lan backup software can function well in the wireless network environment. It can perform reliable and fast backup over wlan. So, if you want to backup files from one computer to another in LAN, or want to simply copy files from desktop to laptop via WLAN, Backup Cow software is the best choice for your local network backup. Especially, if there are many pc machines in your local network and you need backup network computers every day or on a schedule basis, Backup Cow is the best software to backup pcs on network. Please download the lan network backup software via Internet from Backup Cow website, and install and run it on your lan pcs. The software can meet your backup needs in your local area network. In addition, the lan pc backup software has a frewware version, if your backup file size is not too large, you may not need to pay and the free version is permanent. Certainly, if you need backup large files, it is recommended that you buy the backup software online to upgrade the freeware to be a prefessional or Enterprise edition, which will let you back up large files oin your office network. It is the best office backup software for any businesses.


Remote Network Backup Software

Backup Cow is not only a perfect backup software for local network, but also a superb backup utility for remote network. Remote backup is necessary for many business persons to backup some valuable materials when they are on a business trip outside and are far away from their company. And also, remote network backup is a frequent task for some employess who will work in different locations for their clents or they need go around over several divisions in a large corporation or organization. They need to do backup over Internet, corporate intranet, or VPN. All these remote backup modes are different types of wan backup, which is a backup over WAN (Wide Area Network). Many remote backup software products in the market are expensive and difficult for use. They usually need a senior network engineer to config the network or the software. And some technical issues for network are not easy to master for many users. For example, if you want to do a remote backup from one location to another location, usually you must know the IP address of the remote location. However, many users don't know how to know the ip address in a remote network. That is, the first key issue for remote network backup is to how to set up point-to-poin connection. If the users don't know where is the backup destination, how to implement a point-to-point backup over internet or intranet? Backup Cow is a good remote backup software program to back up your files and folders over Internet or Intranet. Even if your target computer is located in a remote area and you don't know its ip address on the remote network, Backup Cow software can easily help you connect remote computers by creating a remtoe network group (virtual network group). The Backup cow server will act as a network ip parser to interpret all the remote ip addresses across different remote networks. And you can remotely backup files and folders to any computer in the network group even though you don't have access to its remote desktop. If you have precious data that are needed to backup to another computer over the internet, this remote backup tool can work well for your case. Backup Cow is the best network backup software freeware for remote networks. And you can get free download from the product official website, and have full free trial for the Enterprise and Professional edition.

Home Network Backup Software

Backup Cow is the best free home network backup software to help you create a second copy of your important files, photos or documents on another pc at home. This personal network backup software provide you with many methods to copy those important personal data to another computer on your home network, or back up files to a network drive, local hard disk, external hard drive, or USB facility. The home backup software can support all windows platforms including Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Even there are many internet backup software or solutions including some cloud backup solutions like dropbox and mozy, those online backup plans will store your private files to a public cloud storage, which is far away from your house, and you will have no control of the protection level. As you know, there is no secret on internet nowadays. Some public networks can be easily hacked by hackers who have advanced network technology skills. In addition, the backup cloud users must pay montly subscription fees for their backup storage. Backup Cow, the individual backup software can help you securely back up your private and personal data on your home network.

Backup Cow is the best free backup software for home network. Many families have more than one computer or laptop at home. They usually create a home lan for their own file backup. Or they need connect their laptop to desktop via network. Is there a good method to backup networked PCs with a home network backup software? Obviously, Backup Cow can help you build a home network storage for file backup and sync files betwee computers. In addition, you can install Backup Cow in your home pc and set up a remote connection with your company's computer, in which Backup Cow software is also running, so that you can back up and access files between your home computers and the work computers accross networks.


Backup Network Drive

Backup Cow software also allows you to specifically backup to a network drive. It will be an easier way to do network drive backup because you don't need install Backup Cow on all networked computers. Instead, you just need install the software on the computer you will initiate backup tasks. As long as the target computers are in your same network range, (they are your neighborhood computers or in "My Network Place" on your computer), all these network neighborhood computers can share their folders on the local network. So you will see the network drives or network folders on your computer. With Backup Cow, you can do a handy backup to network drives that are showed on your computer. The operation is same as the way you back up files to your local hard drives or folders. What you do is just "Drag and Drop": drag the files or folders into your target network shared folders. And all the backup and synchronization process will be automatic. Any backup to network share folders can be also easily restored to your computers. Obviously, it is simpler to backup network drives than to backup networked computers that has no shared network hard drive. And you just need buy one license for Backup Cow that runs on your own PC, and then backup your files to network drives shared by all your network users. So, if you want to backup to a network drive, please download Backup Cow to install it on your computer. The free version is permanent and let you have full free trial for the Enterprise version. Therefore, if you need to create a second copy for your important data, you may use the software to backup to another computer or a network backup drive on network.


Network Storage Software

As you know, many companies have a lot of computers connected on an office lan network. the hard disks of these PCs have huge storage capacity, but most are not used all the time. On the other hand, the backup needs in a company will be increasing day by day. And the backup server will often work overload. Even if your IT manager suggests the company should buy more servers for backup or network attached storge (NAS) devices, it always seems that the backup load can quickly exceed the backup storage capacity of all your backup facilities. Is there a good office backup solution to solve this issue ? Yes. You may use Backup Cow software to utilize your idle storage on your network. You can build your own network storage across the network. That is, you don't need to purchase extra backup servers or dedicated network attached storages (nas devices). Backup Cow can let you make good use of all the computer harddisk storage to create network storage on your network. The employees in your company can backup files between their networked computers. And you don't need to purchase any additional network storage device. This network storage software is easy to use, and it is not required that you hire experts or professionals to make a network storage system. Definitely, it will save much money for any company no matter it is a small business start-up or a big corporation. Maybe the safety or privacy of backups will be your concern, especially when you know your backups are stored on another colleague's pc instead of a dedicated backup server or specific network storage. Backup Cow can greatly resolve this matter. It offers an option to let you encrypt your backup file before it is transfered to another computer. Backup Cow is one of the best network storage solutions and it is a very low-cost backup product. Additionally, it is also a network storage freeware that is sufficient for users who back up files less than one gigabytes. Backup Cow is a free backup software to help build internal network storage or private cloud storage in a company. Also, its professional or enterprise versions are available when you need backup more data. And the low price options will be very attractive for all CTOs who often feel headache on how to choose a better network storage solution for their business.


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Where do you use this network backup software?

At Workplace: (both Small Businesses and Enterprises)

As a CTO or IT manager, you must find a best network backup software when the storage need is quickly increasing in your office or firm. Your workmates will ask to add computer facilities and network backup tools. You will have questions like these: What is our best network backup software for our company? Can I back up files to remote locations (divisions, branches, or client networks) Can I build internal network storage at low cost ? How to build my own network storage with a kind of network storage software? If your company is a large-scale corporation with many computer networks on different locations, you must find some perfect network backup softwares to meet the backup needs on different remote networks including VPN, WAN, Internet or Intranet.

Backup Cow is a reliable and secure network backup software for business. It is one of the best backup storage software programs, and more important, it is the lowest cost network storage builder software. You don't need to buy too many additional expensive hardware and backup systems to implement your network backup. No matter your company is a big enterprise or a small business, Backup Cow is the best backup sync software for network backup (including remote network backup and local network backup).

At Home Network: (Individual & Personal Network, Remote backup between office and home)

For many individual computer users, finding a backup software for home netowork is very important to protect your precious data such as photos, images or pictures, and useful documents, music, songs, mp3, video clips, etc. And most of those files and docs are private and you don't want to back up the private personal data and files outside with online cloud backup or remote network backup services that require you pay monthly fee. You will have some questions like these: How to backup my computer files ? How to backup my photos ? How to build home network storage with my networked computers in my home network? When I work at home, can I backup my files to my company's backup server and also sync the files between my home pc and the network computers in the office ?

Try Backup Cow network backup software for free! Many families have more than one pc at home. They usually create a home lan for file transfer and file sharing. Is there a method to backup more than one pc each other by using a home network backup software product. You can build home network storage for file backup and sync files betwee computers with Backup Cow software. In addition, you can install Backup Cow in your home computer to connect your company's computers in which Backup Cow software is also running, so that you can back up and access files between your home computer and the work computers accross networks. Backup Cow is useful network backup freeware, which lets you conveniently protect your personal data.

Friends and Community (Remote network backup or file transfer between your friends)

You can use Backup Cow software to build a private cloud storage in your networking community and friend circle, so that you and your friends can create a large storage pool together with individual computers to take good advantage of the harddisk space sizes for backup use. More important, you may share your files with your friends accoss network so easily with Backup Cow software. Because Backup Cow has a cloud security identification number setting, you can enhance the cloud storage security for your own community network group. And you can set up several personal cloud groups with different security IDs for different groups of friends respectively.

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It's important to create local backup copies to an external drive or another pc in your network. Manual backup using external hard drive is unable to keep the data up-to-date. Instead, Backup Cow can sync the files between computers. Backup Cow is the easy network back up software to backup multiple computers in your enterprise network. This enterprise backup software is free to download and you can backup your networked computers with this network backup utility. Backup Cow is network backup shareware with a permanent free version. The software can backup all your network computers automatically and synchronize files across the network.

Backup Cow not only works for local area network- LAN backup, but also works for remote network backup. As a lan backup software, Backup Cow can backup and sync files across the ethernet. As the remote network backup software, Backup Cow can let you backup files to remote network computers, and also let you access and restore your files via internet or intranet. So, if you need an automatic backup software for network, please download this enterprise network backup software. No matter your company's network computers are connected by LAN, WLAN, WAN, VPN, Internet, or intranet, Backup Cow is the most cost-effective, reliable and simple network backup software to back up your network computer files. The windows backup software is the best tool to backup data to another computer on network.

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How do you benefit from Backup Cow software ?

  • Save your cost spent on IT infrastructure and network backup software
    To meet the fast rowing backup demand, many companies continually add backup programs, hard disks, storage devices, and servers with tape drives or libraries, to their infrastructure or network, which will cost a lot of money. Backup Cow can make good use of under-utilized networked computer harddisks within your organization to build internal network storage or privat backup cloud. You can make an internal cloud storage or inhouse network storage without any additional hardware. In addition, the remote network backup and transfer features will help your company back up data or transfer files to remote locations. It the best remote network file backup software to copy files and folders to your remote divisions, partners, and clients.
  • Backup your files in a reliable and secure way no matter it is for remote network backup or local network backup.
    Backup reliability and security are so important issues that you must consider when you choose network backup software. This backup software let you set up network backup storage internally for your important files and sensitive data. You don't need pay any online backup service providers to store your data outside your organization. You can backup your computer files with more than one copy. With encryption and privacy features, Backup Cow will protect your files from being viewed by other users. You can transfer files by using MD5 file verification to enhance data transfer reliability. In addition, you can set a security ID number for your cloud computers so that any network users who don't know the ID are unable to connect to your cloud.
  • Keep your data up-to-date across network
    With the automatic synchronization feature in this backup software, the source files and backups can be synchronized every a pre-set time period. The schedule backup software is suitable for any network backup scenarios including remote network backup. Even when you remotely backup files between your office and home, all the data can be sychronized and updated.
  • Easily obtain and share your files across networks
    You can backup, search, get and share your files via flexible network connections inlcuding LAN or remote network (Internet and Intranet) . If your computer crashes, you can go to any network user computer to restore your backups from the cloud.

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Even though there are many network backup programs available in the market, but those networked backup software tools, like second copy, goodsync, and allwaysync, don't have a "internal network cloud backup" feature. Those network backup products cannot set up multiple backups across the network computers, neither can utilize hard drive storage on your networked computers for backup.

Is your business looking for simple, affordable network backup softwares? Backup Cow software is network backup software that's simple-to-use and inexpensive. It's the best network backup software for small and medium sized business, or private backup use. Don't buy other expensive network backup software when Backup Cow has everything you ever need.

Backup Cow system provides all necessary network backup software for large computer environments with a special focus on the network environment. Backup Cow application is designed to be reliable, easy-to-use and affordable. It can be used as a reliable and secure network backup software in networks with hundreds of computers connected to a variety of backup devices - music, hard disk, games, photos, programs and more.

Why use Backup Cow Unlimited Network backup program ?

* It's simple to setup your network backup - just need "drag and drop" on your backup software window.
* It's simple to use - no technical knowledge is required to run your backup strategy.
* It's affordable, and perfect for Enterprise and families. Backup freeware version is available
* The storage is unlimited-backup the database storage into your own private computers.

You see, other network backup applications usually are too expensive, and at the same time too bulky and complicated to use. Backup Cow is a lightweight, well-designed product that works.

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Backup Cow programs is an auto network backup software and file synchronization utility. The affordable computer backup software application, allows the automation of data replication between PC's & servers. Backup Cow system with a synchronization feature lets you have the flexibility to set up multiple destination backup, data protection & availability, file distribution, centralized backups, file sharing between remotes sites and more.

Network backup software, like BackupCow, is becoming inexpensive and reliable. Making backups to DVD's, CD's, external hard drives, tape drives or USB flash drives is the most usual way to backup information for most people. As we become more and more dependable on computers where many we store may data, we need to start looking at more secure and reliable ways of backing up our important data. Backup Cow, a versatile data storage and backup appliance, can automatically create secure backups of all your data both onsite and offsite. No more haggling with cumbersome backup software products or tape backup systems and no more monthly payments for an online backup service. You build up your own network storage backup software within your organization or even at home. You keep your own offsite Backup Cow at a place of your choice for secure data storage; no more remote data storage in any mystical cloud! Use the wonderful backup software to set up your own private cloud storage for your network backup.


Are you looking for an automatic network backup software product that can function well at your company and home ? Is there a free remote network backup software product ? Yes! Backup Cow is the best free network backup software and file sync software, which also can build internal cloud storage in your office LAN , home network, remote network via Internet, or even corporate intranet to meet your growing backup demand. Please download the best network backup software