How to Back Up and Sync Files Between Multiple Computers

Step 1: Click "Add Backup Item" button on "Backup" section.

Step 2: Select the folders or files you wish to back up. ( Or Drag and Drop folders or files into the backup item box from Windows Explorer.)

Step 3: Select the network computers you want to back up to.

Step 4 Set Synchronization, Save Deleted Files and Encrypt Backups in "Genernal".

* Set Synchronization

Backup Cow can monitor the source files or folders, and automatically synchronize files between cloud computers. (backup the new or changed files onto the cloud again). The default time interval of Synchronization is one hour. The system will synchronize the backup items every one hour automatically.

* Save Deleted Files

If "Keep deleted/replaced files with latest ... version only" is checked, then Backup Cow will save the the latest version of every file to the destination computer.

* Encrypt Backups

Backup Cow can encrypt all your folders and files for backup. You can encrypt backups with a pre-set password. After that, any users cannot obtain encrypted files without password.

Step 5 Filter files to be considered for Backup or to be ignored while copying.

Additional Remarks:

  • You can Add, Remove any backup items. Please note that once the backup items are removed, all the backups of these backup items will be also removed accordingly.
  • You can open the folder of each backup item ( the source file or folder) by highlighting the backup item and then clicking "Explorer" button
  • You can highlight (select) a backup item and check its properties information from "Properties".
  • In "Show log", you can check what files and folders have been backed up.